“I can honestly say Diving is the best thing that I have done since being injured”

I was fortunate to attend the last Deptherapy exped to Egypt 2 weeks ago and I completed my PADI Advanced Open water, Deep Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Side Mount qualifications in the week that we were away.

I can honestly say Diving is the best thing that I have done since being injured. The feeling a weightlessness and the calm under the water cannot be matched anywhere else. There is no distraction down there. All I can follow on from that is that I crave it even more now and want to work towards my rescue diver qualifications. 

The team at Deptheraphy were superb as well. They were very understanding, their knowledge and teaching as well as using your own adaptability was the reason I have achieved the qualifications I have. Nothing was impossible, adapting and overcoming problems of being a diver with amputations.

The exped was not easy or a holiday by any stretch of the imagination. Diving 3/4 times a day was physically tiring. I came home feeling like I had just finished the RAAM again, that is by no means a moan more an example of a challenging trip that pushes blokes physically and mentally. Which in my opinion blokes need and should crave, being taken out of their comfort zone. 

I do not suffer from PTSD, but a few of the guys on the exped did. It was clear from the start of the week that they were suffering, I got the feeling some of them could have bottled it at the airport. As the week went on though and the guys progressed on their courses you could see the positive impact diving had on them. Guys who wouldn't engage were engaging and talking about diving. Not only that they were engaging in groups even giving presentations by the end of the week. You could just see the impact that the week away diving had on not just their physical but mental fitness.  

In summary I really enjoyed the exped with Deptheraphy. They are a small charity with that family feel that a lot of others have lost. The team will always give you an open and honest answer, plus nothing is impossible. As mentioned above I have done a lot since being injured but going away and diving with Deptheraphy has the be the best thing I have done and I want more of it. I will and have recommended it to anyone with physical or mental injuries that have not tried diving before.

Josh, Roots Red Sea Exped
Josh, Roots Red Sea Exped