What We Do



“Post injury, involvement in sporting endeavour helped me to find the ‘new me’. Now, years later, I’m still striving for personal goals but I’m pleased that I’m able to help others move forward and achieve what was previously thought possible.”

Neil Heritage, Founder

Climb2Recovery, Henry Worsley Prize Winner 2017


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“I don’t believe anyone should be defined by something they can’t do or their limitations. It is about rediscovering who you are, not redefining who you are and being labelled. I hope I am able to inspire all those who seek to rediscover themselves”

Lee Spencer, Ocean Rower

Row2Recovery 2016


“It was a huge honour for me to be selected to be the Team Captain. There were some incredible boys and girls on the team and being chosen to represent them was one of my life’s greatest achievements. Being able to see these people go through their sporting journey from the announcement, through the trials and selection process and then to see their faces on the night of the opening ceremony was incredibly emotional. Seeing the real, tangible difference that sport had made to them, how much it meant for them to be able to represent their country again was overwhelmingly powerful.”

Dave Henson, Paralympian

2014 Invictus Games Team Captain

“My comrades-in-arms across the Armed Forces are fighters by definition, fighters by nature. The Endeavour Fund aims to reignite that fighting spirit, and inspire those who have served their country to go on and achieve great things.”