It gives my mind something other than the standard day in day out to focus on

Wayne shares how getting involved with Team Endeavour Racing and powerboating has made a difference to his life

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Q.1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself – such as your military situation and what you’re up to now?
My name is Wayne Cox. I’m 32 and married with 4 children. I Joined the Army (1st Battalion The Royal Green Jackets Later 2 Battalion The Rifles) in November 2002 but was injured in Afghanistan in 2009 when my vehicle struck an IED. I was medically discharged from the Army in May 2013. I received an email early 2013 from Career transition partnership who mentioned there were some employment opportunities at BT Openreach. I started working for them in April 2013 and have worked for the company since doing mostly Copper/Fibre cabling & jointer. I also trained on a mobile elevated working platform (MEWP).

Q.2. How did you get involved in Team Endeavour Racing (TER)?
I received an email from BOB (Band of brothers). I showed it to my eldest daughter Marlie who is 9 years old. She actually replied for me, as she knew I needed to do something different!

Q.3. What do you like about TER and powerboating?
Well there are a few obvious things – like the speed and adrenaline you get from taking part! Powerboating is also completely different from anything I’ve ever done… And something I discovered is that the long drive home is great, as that is when I have the time to actually reflect on how amazing it actually is. I often wish I could turn around and do it all again.

Q.4. How do you feel getting involved in sport and/or adventure challenges is helping with your recovery?
It gives my mind something other than the standard day in day out to focus on. Since I joined TER I started attending a local gym to get boat fit and I’m now going five days a week.

Q.5. Have your family and friends noticed a difference in you since you’ve gotten involved with TER? If so how?
They would say I’m happier which I would agree to. My mood has changed and I have a lot more energy, knowing at least once a month I can get behind a powerboat and forget everything for a few hours.

Q.6. What would you say to someone who is thinking of getting involved with something like the Endeavour Fund?
I would say just go for it, have a go. Make yourself proud, you only live once and ENJOY!

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