Deptherapy is a charity which aims to rehabilitate wounded, injured and sick (WIS) through the medium of specifically designed SCUBA programmes, predominantly conducting training in the Red Sea twice a year. The Endeavour Fund has supported Deptherapy since 2016, supporting them in developing training in the UK, increasing training opportunities in the Red Sea for new divers and improving the advancement of WIS through better, more transferrable qualifications. Deptherapy aims to run a two year developmental cycle that will span Open Water to a week-long expedition such diving the Red Sea Military Wrecks.

“The team and programme has changed my life. I no longer think I can’t do things due to my disabilities, I just jump in and try it. What an absolute honour it is to work so closely with the team of individuals that make up the Deptherapy family…” BEN LEE winner of the 2018 Royal Foundation’s Endeavour Fund Recognising Achievement Award

Through Deptherapy Education, the organisation provides training and advice to dive professionals and dive organisations as to how to adapt scuba diving skills so that those with disabilities might qualify as scuba divers.

Deptherapy also offers training and qualifications within the diving industry and are PADI certified and registered.  Deptherapy’ s aim is to deliver 21 new programme places for new divers in the next 12 months and to provide advanced courses for those already on the programme.  Our next expedition is 11-18 October in the Red Sea.

“Before I found Deptherapy my normal routine would be getting drunk to deal with my PTSD, survivor guilt, depression and anxiety. Since returned from the Deptherapy expedition all I’m doing it’s trying to get myself in to a more secure job so I can save up and go diving again,” Tom Swarbrick formerly Royal Anglian

Want to try scuba diving with Deptherapy? Get involved here. 

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