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After serious injury whilst serving in Iraq, Karl Hinett discovered that a huge part of his recovery and both physical and mental wellbeing was found in running.

“Long distances became a favourite which encouraged my motivation. I started to run marathon events and after my five years of surgery was over, I ran 100 official marathons across the globe in two years. Now qualified as a Personal Trainer, running is still a huge part of my training, and I believe that this simple, easily accessible and often overlooked sport helped me so much that want to bring it to the WIS community, in the hope that it can help others like it helped me.Running helped me through a very difficult time in my life, and now with the support of the Endeavour Fund, we can share this form of therapy to help others…” -Karl Hinett

The Endeavour Fund wants to introduce the simple but effective sport of running to the Wounded, Injured and Sick community, building a support network for those involved through the medium of running whilst allowing them to enjoy the range of experiences that the sport has to offer. From group organised training runs to big city marathons and cross country trail running events, there will be opportunities to participate regardless of experience or running ability.

Team Endeavour Running Club is delighted to have secured 16 places for the London Marathon 2017 as part of the Heads Together campaign – an initiative coordinated by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, which aims to bring mental health issues to the public’s attention.

Please do get in touch – we are open to ANY runner, no matter what your experience and running level. We encourage novices to experienced runners to join us and hope to hear from you!

For more information please contact:
Karl Hinett – [email protected]
Website –
Mobile – 07792490162
Facebook –
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