Future Endeavours

All of the endeavours which we support are open for all WIS, from entry level to expert. We would love to hear from you so please do get in touch. If you are uncertain as to what you might be able to join, or what you are keen on taking part in, then the Endeavour Fund team can chat you through each opportunity to find the right thing for you.

The Endeavour Fund calls on the experience of previous endeavour beneficiaries to act as activity leaders to plan and execute the endeavours across a wide range of disciplines, under the careful guidance of the Endeavour Fund team.

There are contact details listed for many of the specific endeavours, but if you are unsure of who to contact then please email [email protected]

Jubilee Sailing Trust

Sailing the sea

In August 2018, 48 injured soldiers and 96 cadets will embark on a voyage of remembrance, adventure and personal development. The team will work together to sail around Great Britain…